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Videoconference Basic User Training

Why provide end users with training?

Although the basic functionality of a video conference system is very simple, most staff won't bother to spend the time finding out how the system works on their own. Most simply don’t know video conference facilities exist, why they should use them or how to book them. Many staff members also find the initial experience of ‘being on camera’ a little scary. User training lasting no more than a hour can help your staff over come these ‘hurdles’ and get equipment utilised faster.

Our training focuses on the following:

  • Learning why and when to use videoconferencing
  • Etiquette - making a video meeting as much like a normal meeting as possible
  • Getting used to the idea of being on camera
  • Giving users a chance to concentrate on a videoconference and not a meeting. Next time they use the system then the meeting is the important part! Users need to spend time learning how to use the system. Without formal training very few will find that time.


With these objectives we have found that short on-site sessions with small groups work the best. Staff are far more willing to give up an hour of their time, than attend a longer course.


Course details:

1 hour course, delivered remotely, available on any system type. Maximum number per course is 6.

Course Breakdown

  • Understanding the Business Benefits of videoconferenci
  • Why use video? What are the benefits to me and my organisation.
  • Video Conference Etiquette
  • Being on Camera
  • Powering up
  • Preparation of equipment and room
  • Setting up a call
  • Controlling audio
  • Controlling video
  • Using the document camera
  • Multipointing Who to call for help


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