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Videoconference Support and Maintenance

Our primary goal is to help you fully utilise video conferencing and achieve excellent return on investment. To help you achieve a network that can be relied upon we offer three levels of support for your hardware.

Basic Support Package

  • Telephone support during local office hours
  • 24 hour swap out for faulty units or components
  • Multi vendor support to assist with cross vender connection problems
  • Test facility
  • Software bug correction, as applicable

Full Support Package

  • Basic Support Package
  • Onsite engineer to install replacement unit or components - inclusive of travel costs
  • Preventative maintenance visits once a year - inclusive of travel costs

Total network support package

  • Full Support Package
  • 24x5 helpdesk
  • Dedicated staff based on your own site
  • Support for Audio Visual hardware
  • Call launching
  • Internal or external multipoint management
All our packages are flexible and can be designed around your needs. Pricing depends on location, hardware type and age. If you would like a quotation for 1-5 units, please click here to complete a form. For larger networks or if you have any questions, please call us on +44 1344 306376