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Videoconference Advanced User Training

Why provide advanced users with training?

Once you have used your system for about 3 months and feel comfortable with the basic features, a further 1-hour session can be introduced to assist you in the more advanced features of the system such as sharing data. This advanced session is also ideal for the staff who have already been using the system but perhapps not taking advantage of all the benefits available.

With these objectives we have found that short remote sessions with small groups work the best. Staff are far more willing to give up an hour of their time, than attend a longer course.


Course details:

1 hour course, delivered remotely, available on any system type. Maximum number per course is 6.

Course Breakdown

  • Business benefits - presentations
  • Video Conference Etiquette and Presentation Skills
  • Sharing information
  • Preparation of equipment and roo
  • Using the Document camera
  • Using Annotations and storing graphics
  • Showing PowerPoint presentations
  • Using the Whiteboard
  • Using the document camera
  • Sharing Data


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