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Videoconference Conectivity

Moving to an IP based network

Making the decision to move your video conference systems over to your IP network requires a careful planning. The network requirements of real time data over IP and the effects of this type of data on other applications should be reviewed extensively before making the decision to proceed. Our consultants, in conjunction with your network team will take a series of steps to ensure that your network is ready and the right choices are made before moving forward.
Designing your Network

A series of steps are taken by our consultancy team to first report on your network and then recommend your video over IP strategy.

  • Network Diagram: Assessment of your current network infrastructure to investigate the feasibility of running video conferencing services. VCS can provide network audit services if complete schematic is not available.
  • Network Performance: Using existing or external monitoring tools, analyse the actual performance of your network and highlight any problem areas.
  • Video Conference Performance Assess your current and projected use of video conferencing.
  • Quality of Service: Investigate What method is best for your network configuration to ensure Quality of ervice for video, voice and data users.
  • External Connections What methods should be deployed to reach sites external to your IP network.
  • Management of Bandwidth: What tools should be used to monitor video calls and ensure bandwidth is available for other applications.
  • Network Design: Location of key components such as Gateways and Multipoint Control Units and the allocation of Zones and Segments.
  • Implementation: Plan, install, configure, support and project manage your implementation.
  • Training: Provide training for end users, system administrators and IT staff in the operation and management of the installed equipment.
  • Marketing: Launch an internal marketing programme to increase usage of video conferencing both internally and with external companies.
  • Monitoring: Provide monitoring tools and total management packages to make sure your network continues to perform as expected and plan for future expansion.