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Videoconference Train the Teacher

For Trainers

The provision of quality training for all personnel is fundamental to your business but delivering courses to the staff who need them, when they need them can be expensive. Training using videoconference technology brings together the individual benefits of distance learning and classroom dynamics at a much lower cost than both.

  • Bring in an expert - using video allows someone external to be an integral part of your training course
  • World wide solutions - provide training to everyone not just those who work out of larger offices
  • Remote follow up sessions - get together on a regular basis, ideal for follow up sessions and tutorials

For Teachers

Many education providers have purchased video conference hardware but how many actually use it as effectively as they could? Training your teachers not only on how to use equipment but how to manage remote classes and ensure both local and remote students benefit fully from your lessons is fundamental to the success of your investment.

The trainers running these courses have all taught in a conventional education establishments and have teaching qualifications as well as a large amount of experience teaching over video.


Course details:

3 hour course, delivered remotely or on site, available on any system type. Maximum number per course is 6.

Course Breakdown

Technical Technology

  • End point components
  • ISDN and carriers
  • Data rates and compression
  • IMUX and TA calls
  • Standards
  • Videoconferencing etiquette

Multipoint Conferencing Introduction

  • What is achievable with multipoint conferencing
  • Defining a site
  • Defining a conference
  • Managing a conference
  • Practical session

Administration Functions

  • Connecting the workstation to the MCU
  • Rebooting the system
  • Changing the clock
  • Setting up users
  • Downloading logs and files

Fault finding and Diagnostics

  • Using the diagnostic features and learning from the logs
  • End point fault diagnostics
  • Multipoint fault finding and diagnostics
  • Practical fault finding session


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