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Videoconference Frequently asked questions

How do you fix my network?

Most projects are done in three stages:

  • Evaluation - this includes a comprehensive technical evaluation but also looks at user and non-user experiences, promotion and company culture. A detailed report forms an action plan for stage two.
  • Fix - based on the findings in stage one.
  • Monitoring - companies needs change and regular monitoring ensures that future requirements and issues are dealt with.

What if I just want the report and what to do my own fixing?

This is fine and a number of customers have done this. Stage two often uses the combined resources of video conference services and the client as not all fixes can be implemented without internal intervention.

How much does it cost?        

Costs depend on the size of the network and the scope of the project. Video Conference Services always provide fixed priced quotations for projects and use strict change control procedures. In addition to the consultancy team, a project manager is assigned to each project.

Do you sell hardware?

No, we do not sell hardware or take commission from any suppliers. We can manage the supply and repair of any video conference systems in order that you have a single point of contact.