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Videoconference Administrator Training

Why train an administrator?

  • The introduction of system 'Superusers' dramatically increases user confidence. They have the ability to see potential uses within their own small office community.
  • They become promoters of video technologies and spread that excitement throughout the office and have been responsible for huge increases in usage in several companies.
  • Someone is always on hand should a user forgets how to use the system. This greatly increases user confidence.
  • Systems can be moved and configured without expensive engineer visits
  • Minor problems are quickly resolved
  • More serious problems are quickly diagnosed and maintenance providers can repair correctly diagnosed problems quicker.

Video Conference Services Limited have responded to this need by creating an administrator's course or 'Superuser' course. These courses are aimed at non technical staff who will be looking after their local system. It is not designed for an engineer.


Course details:

1 day course available on any system type(1/2 day version available for simpler systems). Maximum number per course is 6.

Course Breakdown

  • Setting up and connecting up the system
  • Software setup
  • Your network and how it works
  • Different types of calls and when to use them
  • Standards
  • Conference Setup and videoconferencing etiquette
  • Setup options
  • Configuring TCP/IP for connection to a LAN
  • Video streaming
  • Programming speed dial
  • Administration keys
  • Remote management facilities
  • Local loop back
  • Finding and fixing basic faults
  • Problems with networks and the alternatives
  • Internal Multipointing
  • Multipoint bureau service
  • Multipoint options


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