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Videoconference System Selection

If you want your investment in video conferencing to pay off then you need to make sure you choose the right network, room environment, hardware, training and support for your needs.
‘System Selector’ is designed to provide you with an individual report into the best video conference solution for your business. We look at your needs and requirements and with our extensive knowledge of the industry, find you the right solution.


A consultant will visit your site for half a day and discuss your individual needs and visit one of the rooms in which the proposed hardware will reside. Two reports are then completed by the consultant.

Report 1

  • Recommended hardware specification, including peripherals.
  • Recommendations for network provision including integration into existing infrastructure.
  • Recommended room specification including possible changes to décor, lighting and layout.
  • Recommendations for support and training requirements.

Report 2

  • Quotations from up to 5 video conference resellers and a recommendation of which gives the best service and value for money.


Video Conference Services Limited do not take commission for any recommendations made.