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Videoconference About us

Video Conference Services has experience with all of the major Video Conference and Telepresence manufacturer’s products. Since we do not sell equipment ourselves we are happy to offer our services to resellers who may have a short term need for extra resource or to support unusual equipment or configurations for which the knowledge does not exist in house.

We can do this by providing training or additional resources to your team.

  • Providing resource to enable resellers to design appropriate solutions in the pre sales phase either by direct involvement or through review of the reseller’s solution.
  • Providing resource to support resellers during installation either by helping with installation and configuration or fault finding to resolve more complicated problems.
  • Reseller specific training can be created and delivered which focuses on the key elements and challenges faced by a particular reseller.
  • End user training can also be provided either directly or through train the trainer sessions to ensure that a reseller’s engineers can deliver effective user training.


In all of these functions VCS consultants can work as part of the reseller’s existing team which enables skills transfer to the reseller’s engineers.