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Video Conferencing for the Events Industry

Why do You Need Video Conferencing?

The reputation of your event or conference can benefit from the participation of the most pretigious people in the relevant field.

The presenter may have other priorities and significant travel to attend your conference that may mean the difference between them accepting or declining your invitation.

By allowing them to participate by Video conference you offer them an effective alternative and increase the likelihood of their particpiation.

Creating a way for them to share their expertise, with reduced inconvenience to their schedule.

Your speaker can send their presentation alongside their picture.

As the event organiser your expenses and the carbon footprint of your event will be significantly reduced.

What can we provide?

We offer a full service establish access and support at the event and for the remote participants;

  • Establishing the network connectivity and display systems requirements at each end, and facilitating their provision in advance.

  • Recommend, provide or enhance these systems to establish a high quality video call.

  • Pre-test the link, conducting the tests necessary to ensure that the video call will be succesful.

  • Remote instruction or direct support at the distant end of the call.

  • Navigating IT requirements at both ends of the call and advanced testing.

Technical Solutions

We can arrange video calls using the following technologies;

  • H323 Video Conferencing

  • SIP Video Conferencing

  • ISDN Video Conferencing

  • Telepresence

  • Clearsea

  • Jabber

  • Skype

If your far end requires any other solutions we can accomodate them.