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Videoconference Installation and Fault Finding

Non manufacturer specific training for engineers in the videocommunications field has not really existed until now. While on the job training is still a large part of your training program Video Conference Services Limited now offers an introductory course for engineers.

The training aims to introduce staff to the terminologies used in the industry and the standards that govern it. It explains H323/SIP and ISDN and provides practical installation and faultfinding on at least 3 types of equipment from desktop to room systems. This course is practically based and great for both administrators and engineers.


Course details:

2 day course. Maximum number per course is 6. Open courses cost just 599 GBP/799 Euro per person

Course Breakdown

Installation and Fault Finding
Product benefits overview
VC Theory

  • System components
  • ISDN
  • IP Networks (H323 and SIP)
  • Data rates and compression
  • Standards

Video Conference Environment

  • Video conferencing etiquette
  • Room set up
  • Room environment
  • Positioning of microphones and cameras

Installing and configuration

  • Installation
  • Configuration of ISDN and IP
  • User preferences
  • Presentations
  • Phonebooks
  • Security


  • Gatekeepers
  • SIP Registrars
  • IP/ISDN Gateways
  • Mutlipoint Controllers

MultiPoint Conferencing

  • Display Layouts
  • Multiple monitors
  • Floor and Chair Contro

Fault finding and diagnostics

  • Remote management facilities
  • Local loop back
  • Finding and fixing basic faults
  • Problems with ISDN

Firewall Issues

  • Symptoms caused by Firewalls
  • Firewall Traversal Solutions

Advanced Services

  • Systems Management
  • URI Dialling
  • Interworking


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